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AI-powered Healthcare Software Development

Healthcare application development

"We have been working with SoulPage for over one year now. I must say we have come a long way together and SoulPage has done a wonderful job. They strive for excellence and are open to experimenting and creating new trends in technology. Our work relationship has been productive and we have collectively been able to achieve great results. "

– Kaushik Illa



With the increasing demand for healthcare information management systems and EHR automation, our client IATROS.AI has reached us to design and develop an end-to-end enterprise resource planning system to manage day-to-day healthcare operations of networked health institutions with an objective to scale the decisions regarding the patient monitoring, management, and care. IATROS.AI wanted to deliver a complete suite of healthcare solutions starting from voice recognition, chat assistance, AI-powered radiology, telehealth, patient care & management, and healthcare IT assistance.

Healthcare data management


Healthcare operations are flooded with data from distinct sources like hospital records, patient medical records, research and development, surveys and surveillance data, disease registers, etc., building an agile and robust application to process this information in real-time, and helping out respective application user’s with informed decisions to run overall operation cycle at ease is challenging.


Our expertise at SoulPage IT Solutions has planned, designed, and developed an interactive and insightful healthcare networking and patient management, telehealth application by identifying the needs of our client. ERP software application that we have offered for IATROS.AI helps doctors, healthcare professionals, hospital staff, and management to operate at scale with real-time insights about OPD patient information, doctors’ requirements, appointment schedules, emergency on-duty or on-call requirements, etc. The application also helps patients with networking between hospital and diagnostic centers, healthcare report updates, diagnosis, and treatment procedures with consecutive actions to be followed for better health outcomes.

SoulPage’s AI-experts has built a suite of AI-powered radiology applications for better identification and diagnosis of dieases related to vital human organs (like brain, lung, kidney, liver, chest, etc.). The complete end-to-end voice and chat assistance service applications are built to improve data security and customer privacy with the objective to provide personalized patient care and optimized healthcare solutions

Tools & Technologies

Next Js, Python, Django, AWS, Deep learning models


  • Eliminates human error to offer better patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Improved data security and customer privacy
  • One place ERP solutions for healthcare management
  • Betterment of decision-making and structured operations for effective workflow

Product: AI powered EHR application

Company: IATROS.AI

Location: San Francisco, USA

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Product: Healthcare application development

Company: IATROS.AI

Location: Michigan, USA