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The multiplayer quiz application for web and app store

multi-player quiz application

"SoulPage has been very flexible to deal with our ad-hoc requests, which was an extremely important factor for us while developing a complex near real-time quiz product like ours. I definitely see SoulPage as a long-term IT partner for us."

– John Wilson
Founder, Letscape LLC.


Our client is a US-based startup that approached us with the idea of developing a multiplayer, device-supportive virtual gaming application that would capture the needs of whether you're a classic board game fan or pub trivia wiz, you can recreate the game night on your phones.

real-time quiz application


To sustain in a fiercely competitive virtual world of entertainment and gaming is turning out to be challenging for any business. Building a 360-degree quiz game that a user can play on mobile and the web in real-time with unique combinations of questions always keeps its audience engaged and wins a competitive advantage.


We developed a multi-player quiz application for our client that could be seamlessly played on the web and through a mobile application. We scaled the opportunities with this platform to help our client in exploring the corporate employee engagement needs through the “play and connect” approach.

  • Interactive and intuitive application interface
  • For web and mobile application
  • In-game player personalization
  • Suitable for both individuals and groups
  • Distinct range of questions with unique combinations and rewards

Tools & Technologies

Next JS, Elixir, Phoenix, Postgres, AWS


  • Improved players’ morale
  • Enhanced skill development
  • Multiplayer support to win competitive advantage

Product: Poppop

Company: Letscape LLC.

Location: California, USA

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Product: Poppop

Company: Letscape LLC

Location: California, USA