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Robotic Process Automation

Automate operations to accelerate the speed of business decisions.

According to Gartner, RPA is considered the core for hyper-automation. As Robotic Process Automation provides multiple advantages for organizations to improve speed, quality, and productivity than ever anticipated before, it is one of the fastest-growing enterprise technology trends for 2022. This software technology trend to deploy and manage software robots with ease is enabling organizations to

boost productivity

Boost Productivity

achieve higher accuracy

Achieve Higher Accuracy

accelerate transformation

Accelerate transformation

Major cost saving

Major Cost Savings

Operationalize AI

Operationalize AI

Faster ROI

Faster ROI

Automate end-to-end with RPA

RPA (Robotic process automation) is designed to help organizations with immersion and management of intelligent software robotic tools to automate manual repetitive, rule-based tasks to reduce downtime and scale overall productivity. Examples include transferring data from one application to another, triggering responses, executing transactions, customer assistance, and more.

Our wide range of RPA services aims to automate processes, enable new workflows, drive productivity and achieve business objectives in a short period. Where our expertise helps businesses with IT process automation, IT operations management, IT services management, and more to improve the handling of repetitive and manual processes.

end-to-end automation with RPA

Our End-to-End RPA Services Features

SoulPage Robotic Process Automation services offer 360-degree services from verifying RPA pilot to software security management to improve the accuracy and consistency of IT processes while saving time and money.

RPA service consultation

Service Consultation

  • Process assessment
  • RPA opportunity identification for your business
  • Strategy roadmap
  • Defining tools for process optimization and automation
RPA proof of concept

Proof of Concept

  • Demonstrate the value of RPA to the organization
  • Process modeling and selection for the RPA technology platform
  • Design, deployment, and delivery of the pilot robot
  • Road map for scalable implementation
full-cycle RPA service expansion

Full-cycle Service Expansion

  • Bot design
  • Unattended, attended, and hybrid bots development
  • Deployment of bots
  • Integration with custom-built solutions
RPA Managed Services

Managed Services

  • 24×7 Autonomic Monitoring
  • RPA bot diagnosis
  • Security and quality testing
  • Expert Incident Management and SLA


  • Rollout comprehensive automation operating strategy
  • A pool of resources to fill any void in your RPA strategy
  • Robust staffing to meet business needs
  • 24X7 customer assistance

Get Started with SoulPage RPA Services

Integrating robotic process automation services across a wide range of industries can modernize current operational outdated systems to more dynamic digital management hubs. Below we shared a few applications of RPA across listed major industries:



  • Appointment scheduling
  • Patient chart management
  • EHR data management


  • Store planning & inventory management
  • Automatic pricing & invoice processing
  • ERP management


  • Order processing
  • Product inspection
  • Operations related to procurement and supply chain


  • Customer onboarding
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Loan application processing


  • Automate back-office processes
  • RPA bots for customer interactions
  • Data transformation
Human Resources

Human Resources

  • Employee data management
  • Payroll management
  • Automating recruitment and hiring processes
Public Sector

Public Sector

  • Survey & census
  • Statutory process automation
  • Registry office automation


  • Claim management
  • Enterprise processes automation
  • Underwriting operations
Robotic Process Automation Services

How does SoulPage accelerate your RPA Strategy?

  • We aim to deliver potential business use cases that are in-line with your vision and enable you to operationalize automation for immersing the right technologies.
  • We build hyper-focused innovative RPA software development and integration strategies to help our clients in scaling operations depending on the level of maturity and readiness of our clients.
  • At SoulPage, we tailor our RPA services to help businesses in discovering new opportunities to accelerate operational efficiency.
  • Our team provides end-to-end services from business analysis, solution architects, developers, to infrastructure support to manage critical RPA workloads with ease to grow your business over time.


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