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Predictive Analytics Services

Predictive Analysis to identify future outcomes with historical data

Predictive Analytics Solutions That Drive Business Value

High-performance enterprises are leveraging Predictive Analytics to gain insights that help them identify unexplored opportunities and predict risks.

Our predictive analytics services help enterprises with the insights to foresee developments, be prepared with adequate response, and capitalize on future business trends. Our services helps businesses harness their data and extract actionable insights to help them in pricing products, predictive maintenance, identify sales trends, maintaining inventory, etc.

Our Predictive Analytics solutions drive business insights that enhance the decision-making process, along with –

  • Identifying and forecasting market trends and patterns
  • Gaining deeper insights from data
  • Customized approach for each segment and channel
  • Reducing risks
  • Optimizing operations and marketing campaigns
  • Enhancing business performance
  • Enforcing strategic decision-making with accurate predictions
Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics - our approach

Our Approach

Identifying & Understanding the problem

What to predict about the future, what decisions can be driven from insights obtained, what actions can be taken

Data Preparation

Data extraction from various sources, data cleansing, data analysis

Predictive Model

Model building, Model refinement, and model deployment

Industries we cater

Any industry can leverage our Predictive Analytics solutions to optimize operations, reduce risks, and increase revenues. With our arsenal of Predictive Model techniques, that extend far beyond the typical linear or logistic regression models, we build solutions for various domains including

Predictive Analytics - Domain


Human Resources

Our Featured Predictive Analytics Use Cases

E-commerce coupon Usage Prediction

With the growing number of visitors on various eCommerce sites, we predicted the behavior of visitors opting for coupons from an affiliate with 97% accuracy. With 6 months of historical data derived from Google Analytics, our ML- driven Predictive model successfully identified the users visiting the eCommerce website and then leave for an affiliate website to find coupons.

Predictive Maintenance for Bank ATMs

By leveraging Machine Learning models, we predicted whether the ATMs will fail to work on a respective day of an error occurrence. With some data missing from the data set consisting of the error logs for 983 days, we balanced the gap by using the upsampling models before applying the various machine learning models. Our best model predicted 94% accurately and would help banks with a lesser downtime and enhanced brand image.


Enterprise Companies
Enterprise Companies

Why Choose us as your Predictive Analytics Partner?

  • Expert team with complete authority on Predictive Analytics Solutions & Technologies.
  • Experience developing 10+ data-driven products & solutions for startups and enterprises.
  • Created over $5+ million in value for our clients.
  • Complete adherence to industry regulations like HIPAA, Data Protection 2018 etc.

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