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No-code ML Platform

Turn Any Image, Text, or Video Into Insights.

DeepLobe is a machine learning API as a service platform that widens your capabilities to harness unstructured data (like text, images, and videos) and scale opportunities for object-oriented outcomes. With DeepLobe pre-trained APIs, your business can seamlessly integrate and drive incisive information to modernize operational infrastructure and make augmented decisions.


Unleash the potential of DeepLobe with:

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Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Whether you are transcribing old documents or grabbing license plate numbers from security footage, DeepLobe OCR reliably extracts printed data from your images & pdfs.

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Image Segmentation

With DeepLobe, you can integrate object detection algorithms to understand a particular image at a much lower pixel to identify and read these images.

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Object Detection

Use state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to automatically detect objects within an image and also recognize where a particular object is located.

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Image Classification

It is inefficient to process the humongous volumes of data sets to identify and classify images into defined groups or classes. But with DeepLobe API this technique can be leveraged with ease.

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Image Similarity

Sifting through datasets looking for duplicates or finding a visually similar set of images can be painful. So let the image similarity algorithm do it for you with a simple API call.

Reasons why clients and developers love DeepLobe


Easy model building

An end-to-end platform for building and training ML models with great ease. Using high-level accurate Machine Learning APIs scales opportunities and eventually reduces development time and cost.

  • Ready-to-integrate pre-built APIs
  • Seamless development and deployment.
  • Train and immerse custom models in real-time


Flexibility to personalize your research

DeepLobe is powered with tools, pre-built API models, data libraries, and other comprehensive resources to modernize and personalize your concept to code architecture within no time.

  • No code ML platform to scale your artificial intelligence needs
  • A result-driven simple and flexible model architecture
  • Experiment and customize models to suit user needs


Robust ML production anywhere

Flexibility to train and deploy ML applications on a wide range of platforms without the limitation of the language you use.

  • Scalable deployment for any business.
  • Deploy models on Cloud, or on-premise
  • Faster the speed for publication


Work with DeepLobe.

DeepLobe has a library of 20+ pre-trained Machine Learning and Deep Learning API models, which are trained with millions of datasets with trial and error practice to reach supreme accuracy. When you upload your test dataset, DeepLobe explores your data and matches it with the best suitable application, and then builds a layer on the pre-trained model, to provide a custom API for further application.

Integrate DeepLobe with three easy steps:

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Signup & Select

Signup/Login with DeepLobe and choose from a catalog of our pre-trained models that suits your business objective.

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Upload & Create

Build your custom Machine Learning model by uploading your training data set.

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Test & Apply

Seamlessly test the model accuracy and embrace the best suitable API for further use in your applications.

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