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Text Analytics

Churn text into insights – turn insights into revenue.

Text analytics can be helpful beyond filtering and modeling your data if you have the right technical support and experience. SoulPage is expertise-driven. With years of experience working on every kind of data that is available with distinct businesses from various industries make sure you have the right expertise, support, and reliability to deploy the futuristic sophisticated solutions for solving your business problems associated with

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product optimization

Product optimization

robot risk analysis

Robot Risk Analysis

accurate customer perceptions

Accurate Customer Perceptions

competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

empower brand awareness

Empower Brand Awareness

social media analysis

Tailored Social Listening

How SoulPage Is Embellishing Businesses With Its Solutions

We, at SoulPage, help businesses like yours in adopting breakthroughs in innovations that power text analytics in solving complex data challenges to study invisible insights. With SoulPage, our clients enjoy benefits like data normalization, harnessing nuanced or unstructured data, recommending suitable analysis for structured data, suggesting and implementing the right set of machine learning algorithms, AI assistance, and more. We ensure to benefit your business in the following ways


Natural Language Processing

NLP helps you to scale your text and audio annotations by understanding complex and nuanced language in data. Our skilled team decodes the keynote by making the data machine-readable.

sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Detect positive and negative sentiments in social media, customer responses, and other resources to analyze your customers on a scale-specific attribute to build a customer-centric business.

speech recognition

Speech Recognition

Deploy anywhere, from the cloud. The speech recognition API helps in optimizing your customers’ analyzing capabilities by determining key variants and dialects in a speech in a wide range of languages.

conversational AI

Conversational AI

Conversational AI is a new-age application that acts beyond chatbots to map your customer interests and provide a personalized customer service experience. The AI bots can cut down costs and time in real-time.

Our Text Analytics Process Flow

Acquisition and

We streamline the data collected from various sources like cloud servers, apps, streaming applications, sensors, etc, to understand how, where, and what can be displayed, analyzed, and stored in data lakes.

Acquisition and understanding
Acquisition and understanding
data preparation

Preparation and

During data preparation and transformation we preserve, curate, clean, and transform the data form if required to discover the hidden insights and for analytical querying.

data preparation

Modeling and analysis

We engineer the entire data pipeline with data modeling and analysis processes to identify trends and patterns that help you better understand a problem or deliver a solution.

data modeling
data modeling
Data Visualization

Visualization and

Gain 360-degree transparency with your data to create interactive reports and intuitive dashboards that help in understanding analytics and are manageable for everyone at every level of your organization.

Data Visualization

Fully realize your business benefits with Text Analytics

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How Can SoulPage Optimize Your Data Results?

  • Recognize and categorize named identities
    Our text analytics practice allows you to extract a broad range of named identities such as people, places, dates/times, and other identifiable personal information for effective decision-making. Best applicable to medical data and marketing data.
  • A better understanding of customer perceptions 
    Exploring the opportunities of leveraging opinion mining with soulpage unlocks the hidden insights within social, customer information, and other sources of data to evaluate customers’ perceptions about your products or services.
  • Identify the keynotes in unstructured data
    Text analytics allows you to quickly evaluate and identify the relevant phrases or sentences that best convey the objective of an unstructured statement at ease. Decoding unstructured data is insightful to gather competitive intelligence.
  • Create a communication layer over your data
    Extract insights from semi-structured and unstructured data such as URLs, FAQs, product manuals, electronic health records, support documents, personal notes, and more. Run text analytics wherever your data resides for insights-driven optimized operations.

Why Choose SoulPage As Your
Text Analytics Partner?

complete suite AI services

Complete Suite of Services

From strategy consulting to
development, our wide range of services
we will help you expand your data

creative engineering

Creative Engineering

We understand text analytics technologies
and we know how to creatively leverage
them to build customized and innovative
products & solutions.

complete regulatory compliance

Complete Regulatory Compliance

We ensure proper and complete
compliance with the country, state, and
industry-specific regulations.

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Analyzing raw data or unstructured data from different sources like emails, text messages, customer reviews, feedback forums, etc., can empower business capabilities to understand customer likes and preferences, competitor analysis, market trends, product growth and optimization, and more.

The process starts with data collection from various sources, followed by data curation, data processing, and data analysis. One can process every type of data available ( structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data)

Text analytics is the process of analyzing unstructured text in a data source to extract relevant information and transform these insights into useful business intelligence. Unlike text analytics, sentiment analysis is a process that determines if the context of the text is positive, negative, or neutral, and to what degree.

AI and Machine Learning can operationalize the insights delivered through text analytics to analyze relationships among the datasets and recognize knowledge using NLP can potentially automate and accelerate data processing to improve the accuracy of the models deployed.

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