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Text Analytics Services

Extract Actionable Insights From Your Data

Uncovering Context-rich patterns and hidden insights

Text Analytics Services are gaining momentum as they are changing the way enterprises and entrepreneurs are handling the gigantic textual data streams. Effective Text Analytics along with numerical data analysis address most business problems and provide with valuable insights.

Our Text Analytics services help businesses turn words into intelligent insights and transform unstructured data into valuable information to drive growth. This unstructured data can provide valuable information about business opportunities and risks, insights on customer feedback, product review, etc.

Our AI-driven Text Analytics software will glean through your structured and unstructured data, extract meaningful information and actionable insights to help you create value for your business. 

Our Text Analytics Services will help in

  •  Building better products backed by customer feedback
  • Gathering competitive intelligence
  • Understanding customers’ perceptions
  • Sentiment Analysis for your employees and brands
  • Optimizing business operations
Text analytics

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NLP natural language processing - Text analytics

Natural Language Processing

Our expert NLP developers have extensive experience in developing smart, scalable and adaptive solutions for our clients and give them the best competitive edge.

Our customized solutions will extract information from various sources like emails, social media, product feedback forms, etc and structure it with related data, analyze it, and provide the client with the right insights.

Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis models extract information and help in understanding the true sentiment of the customers. Our models identify and extract the positive and negative sentiments from various sources by leveraging NLP.

Our highly professional team will perform periodical reviews and refine the models that provide valuable insights and productive business strategies.

Sentiment Analysis - Text analytics
Speech recognition - Text analytics

Speech Recognition

We help build custom AI and NLP driven Speech Recognition software and facilitate speech to text solutions. Our specialized solutions will optimize business operations, drive sales, and increase the returns of our clients.

Our deep expertise in developing speech recognition solutions will eliminate tedious tasks and create more efficient workflows.

Optical Character Detection

We provide Optical Character Recognition solutions that allow converting static documents into a format that is searchable and editable. Our AI-driven OCR tools capture the information and comprehend the content.

We ensure that by leveraging our solutions your administrative processes will be reduced leading you towards increased productivity.

Optical Character Detection - Text analytics

Our Featured Text Analytics Use Cases

Employee Sentiment Analysis Model

We built an NLP engine that scrapes employee conversations and feedback at portals like Glassdoor, Indeed, Twitter, and Facebook, etc., and then does binary (positive/negative) and multiple sentiment analysis on various emotions like Fear, Joy, Sadness, and Trust, etc. The analysis can be viewed on a visualization dashboard and reports can be generated.

Headlines Analysis of a Leading Newspaper

Emotion analysis of newspaper - Text analytics

We did sentiment analysis of Headlines of Times of India and plotted monthly and weekly trend for the sentiments. We also plotted the most frequent words occurring on headlines of Times of India 2019 on both the sentiments. We were also able to identify the time of the month and week, the positive and negative sentiments expressed on headlines were high.


Enterprise Companies
Enterprise Companies

Why Choose Us For Your Text Analysis Project?

  • A dedicated team of expert data scientists with deep authority over AI, Machine learning and NLP, etc.
  • Experienced in building Text Analytics Solutions.
  • End-to-end services from strategy consulting to software development.
  • Complete adherence to data regulations like HIPAA, Data protection 2018, etc.

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