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Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Empowering Retailers with Data-Driven Retail Solutions

Artificial Intelligence in Retail is helping retailers mark the hidden correlations in their retail data and discover new business opportunities by infusing the insights extracted. Data is the key, and retailers who can unlock it can build customized and automated retail solutions -whether they operate online or offline.

What Value AI Can Add to Your Business?

real-time market analytics

Real-time Market Analytics

Convert ambivalent shoppers to prospective customers. Leveraging real-time market analytics techniques for adjusting pricing, product targeting, analyzing trends can uptake your competitor’s.

real-time market analytics

Product Recommendations

From product-targeting to product recommendations, filter the search of online users to suggest personalized products/services. Product recommendations can convert long-term buyers into short-term returning consumers.

product recommendation engines
fraud detection

Fraud Detections

Transaction analysis, fraudulent merchandise returns, warehouse movements, and more are state-of-art strategies leveraged to detect and prevent fraud using Machine Learning anomalies detection.

fraud detection

Sales Forecasting

Whether physical or digital store -extracting insights from various connected devices like beacons, IoT sensors, and intelligent communication tools can predict trends and help in planning strategies to improve sales accordingly.

sales forecasting
smart manufacturing

Smart Merchandising

Forecasting demand and supply in the market and in different geographies where the business operates helps brands to know their products are stocked and uprooted in real-time to avoid left-out stocks or prevent running out-of-stock.

smart manufacturing

Intelligent Pricing

Achieving a competitive edge with real-time pricing is a tricky game. However, AI applications can establish a 360-degree view of your customers, suppliers, and market trends to upsell/cross-sell for effective sales.

intelligent pricing
intelligent pricing

Personalized Promotions

Running hyper-personalized marketing campaigns is one of the all-time trends while leveraging data and AI for business. Diving actionable insights in the retail niche promote targeted products to the right audience at the right time.

intelligent pricing

Predictive Decision Making

Decision making is one of the crucial and consistent practices for any business. Adding Data Science practices advances the skill of decision-making by building customer-centric connected business.

predictive decision making

Artificial Intelligence in Retail & E-commerce Use Cases

Business-centric and connected

SoulPage helps enterprises to create a retail business framework that is insight-driven, customer-centric, and market-connected.

Product Recommendations

At SoulPage, we offer our clients exceptional expertise, intelligent tools, and resources that support and scale your journey towards Big Data & AI.


Our team of experts analyzes your data and deploys intelligent solutions at a faster speed with utmost precision to mitigate your business challenges.


SoulPage understands its client needs and aims to build a scalable infrastructure so that your business can grow indispensably in the future.


SoulPage IT Solutions aims to channelize its operations to deliver fruitful results and expected solutions to its clients within the shortest time.

Step ahead with SoulPage led AI solutions to empower growth.

SoulPage As Your Data Science and AI Partner.

  • Complete Suite of Services- From data and people strategy, AI consulting to software development, our wide range of services will help you expand your every data capability.
  • Creative Engineering- We understand data science technologies well. And our awareness towards leveraging them creatively and effectively helps in developing personalized and innovative products & solutions.
  • Complete Regulatory Compliance- We ensure complete compliance and adherence with the country or state and industry-specific regulations.

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