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Big Data Analytics Services

Unlocking the true potential of big data to drive meaningful insights for business

Transforming Structured and Unstructured Data into Decisions

According to Gartner, by 2022, 90% of enterprises will explicitly mention information as a significant asset and analytics as an essential capability. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, enterprises are generating huge volumes of data and to analyze such big data and gain actionable insights, Big Data Analytics is a necessary tool.

We are a data science company helping enterprises drive business values using data. Our Analytics expertise encompasses several domains with customized solutions to derive the best outcomes.

With our Big Data Analytics solutions and services, your business will be able to

  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Drive business innovation
  • Gain competitive advantage in the industry
  • Increase ROI
  • Identify risks better
  • Enhance operational efficiency
Data Analytics Services

We provide data and analytics services with precision and diligence. Our deep expertise in Big Data and Data Analytics ensures optimized decisions and palpable benefits to enterprises and entrepreneurs. Our expert Analytics team builds simple, user-friendly, and custom dashboards and systems that meets your business goals. 

Our Capabilities

We adopt a data-to-action approach. Our technical expertise and the cutting edge execution will provide meaningful analysis for accurate decision-making, and provide you with a competitive edge in the industry.

We turn technology into business end results with our specialized Data Analytics services that are provided under one roof.

Data Analytics Services - Our capabilities

Enterprise Data Management

We improve the operational efficiency of your business by creating, managing and disseminating your data for all applications and processes.

Business Intelligence

We provide historical, current, and predictive data to help you make informed decisions.

Big Data Analytics

We harness Big Data analytics and drive better business decisions for our clients.

New-age Analytics

Our new age predictive analytics services will propel businesses without draining the infrastructural and human resources.

Data Visualization

We use advanced data visualization to gain better insights rather than traditional reporting.

Our Analytics Solutions

Customer Analytics

  • Customer preferences
  • Response Time
  • Product assortments

Sales & Marketing Analytics

  • Promotions
  • Product portfolio
  • Product performance

Ecommerce Analytics

  • Customer analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product engagement

HR Analytics

  • Staff turnover
  • Employee productivity
  • Recruiting Analysis

Financial Analytics

  • Working Capital Analysis
  • Cash Management
  • Risk analysis

Operational Analytics

  • Asset Management
  • Supply chain Risk Analysis
  • Inventory Management

Industrial Analytics

  • Production
  • Product quality
  • Predictive Maintenance

Business Analytics

  •  Internal Operations
  • Analyzing the KPIs
  • Business Predictions

Chatbots Analytics

  • Visitor Engagement
  •  Information Acquisition
  •  Conversational Analytics
Data Analytics Services - Our solutions

Our Featured Data Analytics Use Cases

Analysis of restaurants in a metropolitan city

We used Data Pre-processing and Data Visualization technologies to analyze more than 50,000 restaurants located in Bengaluru. This analysis would be helpful for new establishments as we provided insights on the location, cuisine type, facility to order online, menu, the price for two, etc by taking into account around 17 factors that would impact the decision for starting a new restaurant.

HR Analytics

We did a human resources analysis that provides insights on the candidate’s probability to take the job during the recruitments and hiring process. Upon cleansing the data, we performed exploratory data analysis and data visualization to retrieve insights on the source of the CV, identification of CV, the status of CV, salary variation, etc.


Why Choose us as your Big Data Analytics Partner?

  • Expert team with complete authority on Predictive Analytics Solutions & Technologies.
  • Experience developing 10+ data-driven products & solutions for startups and enterprises.
  • Created over $5+ million in value for our clients.
  • Complete adherence to industry regulations like HIPAA, Data Protection 2018 etc.

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