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Unified Data Science Platform

Harness your Data to Deliver Beyond Insights

Dflux is an agile, robust, and collaborative data-driven platform that unlocks insights into your data and delivers personalized visualization frameworks and advanced analytics solutions to help your business in maximizing business performance. Dflux's ability to build data science models with speed and at scale delivers more innovation and intelligence and centralized client outcomes than ever before. Our application elevates your business interpersonal communication and also enables chart, report, dashboard, and SQL query with ease.

Data Science platform

Connecting All Your Data Processing Needs.

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AI-powered Analytics

Dflux allows better predictive analytics so the business can be more responsive and accurate at forecasting.

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Augmented Business Intelligence

Insightful decisions to increase productivity, improve revenues, and enhance growth by harnessing data intelligence.

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Data-driven Workflows

Modernized workflows can improve scalability, maintainability, flexibility to leverage data in all aspects of data.

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Seamless Integration

Now integrate your data from multiple datasets and different sources with ease.

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Agile Deployment

Advancing deployment processes to increase the speed and reduce errors whether you're deploying on-premise or within the cloud.

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Custom Reports & Visualizations

Personalized data visualizations ease communication and decision-making within teams.

Deliver beyond your service with Dflux


Extract data from any source

With Dflux easily connect and experiment with your data from anywhere. The flexibility to work with data from various sources helps take new ideas to concepts quickly.

  • Multiple data connectors
  • Securely integrate data from source to destination
  • Fully managed data pipelines for ELT

Automatically transform and model data

Improving business efficiency by automating business intelligence content accuracy. AI-powered deployment pipelines, and workflows for optimized and operative outcomes.

  • Powerful online SQL editor
  • Python notebook for advanced analysis and modeling
  • Ready to use ML models & reusable queries

Immerse, share, and collaborate

Dflux provides the flexibility to connect, share trusted data securely across your entire organization to build transparent workflows.

  • Collaborate with Analysts, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists
  • Work on-premise or on a cloud
  • Real-time workflows to optimize operations

Personalized visual reports and analysis

AI-powered insights with collaborative analysis, and for impactful decision-making

  • Create no-code custom dashboards in minutes through drag and drop
  • Rich visualizations with filters, parameters, and drill-downs.
  • Triggers to refresh, track custom events, and monitor trends

Getting Started With Dflux

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Get Data

Connect your data source from an extensive library of data connectors available.

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ETL and ML Modeling

Extract, transform, and load data from various sources to build ML models, test accuracy, and make predictions.

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Visualizations & Reporting

Export reports and visualize data with advanced graphical representations that can be customized and scaled over time.

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