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A comprehensive data science and machine learning platform

data science and machine learning platform

"A comprehensive data intelligence platform built to help businesses with complex data architecture to deliver White-labelled Analytics & AI insights with low-code."


Our client is a full-service Data Science and AI consulting company based in New Jersey. It offers specialized, highly customized technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses all over the United States.

A requirement to develop a reliable and comprehensive data science platform that can process data swiftly, build and evaluate machine learning models, and enhance productivity with unparalleled abilities.

Data Intelligence platform


The client wants to make it easy for businesses to immerse data science platforms on cloud/on-premise and provide the ability to their consumers to leverage clients’ AI projects into business applications to empower enterprise automation and scale AI.


We applied next-gen technology stack to harness mountainous volumes of data to perform high performance data analytics at scale in a secure environment. Our expert data scientists and engineers team built an enterprise Data Science platform with in-database optimized algorithms that –

  • Build AI driven intelligent apps
  • White labelled analytics
  • Extract real-time insights

Tools & Technologies

Angular, Node js, Python, Flask, D3 JS, PySpark


  • AI adoption and scaling in the shortened period.
  • Single platform for multiple AI initiatives
  • Up to 65% cost savings
  • Robust data security with multi-tenancy
  • Micro-service-based architecture for easy customization of individual client portals

Product: Data Intelligence Platform

Company: DeerDen Software LLC

Location: New Jersey, USA

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Product: Data Intelligence Platform

Client: DeerDen Software LLC

Location: New Jersey, USA

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