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The financial data processing platform

financial data analysis

“Our client objective is to build a financial data processing web application with intuitive UI/UX to make impactful decisions with minimum efforts”


Our client is specialized in offering financial data management, and AI-driven solutions for capital markets. And they have reached us in search of a web solution, to showcase their fundamental data analysis insights on the yearly financial data and profit analysis statements with better UI/UX. They needed an inbuilt, ready-to-use data visualization application, to determine their companies, clients’, and competitors’ underlying insights and predict the potential for future growth.

financial data management


With businesses growing to adopt digital technologies and looking forward to widening their wings to every potential opportunity, the data and its sources are getting bigger. Fundamental analysis of the companies’ financial data using revenues from various sources, profits, and loss margins, return on equity, and other relevant big data information will initiate the need to leverage advanced data streamlining technologies, as higher volumes of data bring higher risks in terms of data privacy and security.


We built a user-friendly interface for the data processing platform called “Factstream”. this interface is robust to better visualize financial data, supplemental data, financial ratios, etc., from various sources like company websites, SEC, and other regulatory filings, stock exchanges, news, and media.

  • The platform showcases normalized and as-reported data with better UI/UX.
  • Built to visualize complex data architectures.
  • Easy API/DB dump/Excel integrations.
  • The platform can handle multi-lingual data.

Tools & Technologies

Next js, Python, Django, GraphQL


  • Better data analysis visualization leads to qualified decision-making.
  • Optimized financial data outcomes
  • Taxonomy mapping

Product: Factstream

Company: Almug technologies pvt. ltd

Location: Bangalore, India

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Product: Factstream

Company: Almug technologies pvt. ltd

Location: Bangalore, India