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A video conferencing solution to serve the digital age challenges

video conferencing solution

"Libero is one of the top five video conferencing products in an Innovation challenge conducted under the Digital India program - 2020, also recognized as a potential product to provide an intuitive video conferencing experience for its users."

– Ministry of electronics and informational technology

Govt. of India


Under the Digital India initiative, the Government of India announced a challenge to build a robust, secured, and indigenous video conferencing tool that can handle data privacy and security efficiently along with data network issues.

video analytics


Developing an AI-powered video conferencing solution with a series of next-gen features (like device independence, screen/file sharing, video quality, enhanced audio/video, background noise cancellation, low light video enhancements, in-call person detection, etc) while keeping up with the needs of data security/privacy requirements, along with easy integrations and intuitive and inviting interface.


We SoulPage, step ahead and built an AI-powered video conferencing solution – “Libero” – to full fill the challenges with virtual collaborations, business meetings, communication encryption, and ensuring information security and privacy. Our team of experts worked closely with AI and other video conferencing development technologies to build a robust conferencing platform that –

  • Serves all video resolutions and audio quality
  • Applicable in low and high network scenarios
  • Is hardware and software independent
  • Displays chat window during the meeting
  • Has a single-click scheduling/joining option
  • Detects background voice disturbances and mute incall participants.
  • Generates automated MoMs
  • Has an encrypted network communication
  • Provides audio/video recording, screen/file sharing window to the users
  • Can be deployed on cloud or on-premises

Tools & Technologies

Computer Vision, Machine Learning, NLP, Next js, Python, Elixir, nodejs, Golang


  • Anywhere and anytime collaborations
  • Real-time collaborative decision-making
  • Enhanced productivity
  • End-to-end encrypted information
  • Cross-platform assistance

Product: Libero

Client: MeitY, Govt. of India

Location: New Delhi, India

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Product: Libero

Client: Meity, Govt. of India

Location: New Delhi, India