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eCommerce website development

ecommerce application

"SoulPage has enabled us to explore the opportunities with digitization and by building an intuitive website with better customer experiences online. "

– Sai Chaitanya Palla

Founder, Aura Data tech


Our client is a UK-based eCommerce company that provides all-in-one ducting solutions. They reached is search of upgrading their site with a motive to provide a long-lasting visual experience to website users, safeguarding their personal information, and offering a secured payment gateway for the transactions, and interactive UI interface to serve their existing user challenges.

eCommerce data visualization


eCommerce is exploding now than before – resulting in fierce competition than ever before. Cybersecurity, competition, order fulfillment, supply chain, and logistics are the primary challenges faced by almost all eCommerce companies. And it is vitally important for businesses that operate through eCommerce to have an intuitive and robust website that attains users’ attention and keeps cybercriminals away at the same time.


We have developed a simple website, UI/UX that is user-friendly and multi-device responsive and provides navigation and more information about each product for user convenience. The website has a strong cybersecurity firewall to keep the data safe and secure. The website is supported with informative and SEO-optimized content that results scaled search navigation and a reduced bounce rate

Tools & Technologies

Magento, PHP


  • Increased customer reach
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Enhanced profits

Product: eCommerce web application

Company: D & A Sheet Metal Ltd

Location: Leicester, England

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Product: Ecommerce web application

Company: D & A Sheet Metal Ltd

Location: Leicester, England