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Unlock Face Detection & Recognition With Precision

An Easy-to-Use, Scalable, and Customizable Facial Recognition Solution

facial recognition

Gain Competitive-Advantage With Precise Detection

FaceReg is a Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence powered facial recognition API that can be easily integrated with any system and application to detect, organize, and tag objects and faces. It gleans through a pool of image datasets by leveraging Machine Learning and Deep Learning with an ethical approach toward the identity of people in the images.

  • Enhanced surveillance and security
  • Seamless integration
  • Enhanced automation of identification
  • Saves time and operational costs with its agile processing capabilities

Driving Image Insights With Machine Learning & AI

By leveraging Deep-Machine Learning algorithms for object localization, FaceReg compares the features of the objects or faces detected with the images from a predefined or custom, or dynamic dataset. Being industry-agnostic, FaceReg drives value to any business by transforming the digital customer experience.

facial recognition retail


facial recognition healthcare


facial recognition security


facial recognition government


facial recognition manufacturing


facial recognition marketing


facial recognition media

Media & Entertainment

facial recognition banking

Banking & Insurance

facial recognition hospitality


facial recognition information technology

Information Technology

FaceReg can be used in many applications


Biometrics & Authentication

Measure and match the unique characteristics for the purposes of identification or authentication.

video surveilance

Video Surveillance

Recognize and analyse the video footages to identify key people or key attributes like age, gender, etc

stock photos

Stock photos

Managing your extensive product lines made easy and simple with our powerful Machine Learning algorithms.

fraud prevention

Fraud Prevention

Analyze real-time videos and images to detect people with suspicious activities and alert the concerned personnel.



Identify visitors, discover data about them, associate them with your products and services to extract intelligent insights.

traffic management

Traffic Management

Detect traffic incidents, blockages, controlled traffic signals, traffic violators, identify vehicles and classify them, etc.

face detection

Face & Demographics Detection

Identify and detect human faces, along with other key attributes like age groups, gender, diversity of their face, etc.

digital documentation

Digital documentation

Identify and detect the digital documents along with the signatures or any images in the documents.

How FaceReg Works

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Integrate & Configure

Integrate and configure FaceReg API with your applications. Upload the training images that have to be processed.


Analysis & Detection

Faceprint detects and maps the features of the face from the images and analyzes them by considering the distinguished landmarks -producing a facial signature


Data Conversion & Verification

This facial signature is converted into a code.The converted code is then compared against the data repository and if found a match, the facial signature is verified.

Seamless Integration and Deployment

facial recognition

FaceReg adheres to the security and compliance requirements and doesn’t reveal the identity of the people on the images that it processes.The API is easy to integrate and deploy – both – on the cloud as well as on-premises.

  • Easy integration with your existing applications and apps with robust API/SDKs.
  • AI-powered models that enhance the speed and accuracy of performance.
  • Cloud and on-premises, enabling centralized and decentralized deployment.
  • Easy-to-use enterprise platform that is highly configurable, scalable, and flexible.


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