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Transforming Diagnostics with Artificial Intelligence

Applying Cutting-Edge Innovation To Medical Image Analysis

ChestX, a smart radiology assistant, is an intelligent and scalable software solution that takes diagnosis to the next level by assisting pathologists in a swift and accurate diagnosis for each and every patient, anytime. Leveraging Machine Learning and Deep Learning, ChestX provides medical image analysis, decision support, and validation from massive, expert-annotated, real-world training data.

Smart Radiology Assistant

ChestX is a Medical Imaging Solution powered with Artificial Intelligence that detects and identifies lung-related acute abnormalities and ailments. A Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) model built to detect 14 pathologies including Pneumonia & Tuberculosis in less than 5 seconds, it helps the radiologists in taking the next big leap in patient care by applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies.


Automated & Accurate Diagnosis

ChestX Agile


Detecting 14 pathologies within 5 seconds, resulting in swift & accurate treatments.

ChestX Cost effective


A cost-effective solution that reduces reporting backlogs and capacity issues.

ChestX accurate


Trained algorithms that consistently give a 91% accuracy results.

ChestX integration


Smooth and seamless integration & communication with RIS, PACS, etc.

How ChestX works

ChestX upload xray

Upload Xray

Scan and upload the chest xray images to the ChestX and let it process them.

ChestX model

ChestX Model

The images are processed and analyzed automatically with our 121 layered CNN model for probable pathologies.

ChestX results

Generate Results

Results are generated and made available along with a heatmap localizing the affected areas within seconds.

ChestX - Smart Healthcare With The Power of AI

ChestX AI

Sophisticated AI For An Integrated Diagnostics

Leveraging highly advanced Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, ChestX scans a vast pool of chest x rays without any necessity of human intervention and identifies 14 pathologies including Pneumonia & Tuberculosis thereby helping you handle more patients in less time.

It improves the diagnosis with its real-time automated triage and revolutionary report generation once the technology is integrated with the existing image repositories and communication systems.

ChestX product

Product Capability

ChestX is an AI-driven medical imaging solution that localizes the findings of the 14 pathologies on a radiograph as a heatmap. The trained algorithms can detect and identify multiple findings in a chest Xray like Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, etc., thereby significantly reducing the workload of the radiologists.

ChestX is available for deployment on the cloud as well as on-the-premises, providing seamless integration with the workflows of the radiology department.

Advancing AI In Healthcare

Strategy - Digital Transformation

Machine Learning

Advanced Machine Learning to help radiologists and pathologists interpret medical images and provide optimized results.

Strategy - Digital Transformation

Deep Learning

CNN model-driven Deep Learning augmented with accurate disease simulation.

Strategy - Digital Transformation

Image Processing

Optimized medical images with robust, scalable, and adaptive image normalization.



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