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IoT Services : Build IoT Driven Products & Solutions

IoT Services

We work with enterprises to build connected ecosystems integrating machines, devices, data, and people.
We help startups build innovative products leveraging IoT.

From home to enterprises, IoT is connecting everything and everyone to build smarter and scalable unified systems. We can help your business exploit the full potential of IoT and build smart IoT products and solutions that bring new capabilities and deliver measurable results.

IoT Strategy Consulting

IoT Strategy Consulting

IoT is emerging as a disruptive force in fundamentally changing the future of businesses. We, at SoulPage, provide businesses with the right growth strategy to leverage the advantages of IoT in the long run and capitalize the current as well as new markets. Our IoT strategy consulting team has in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and cross-industry experience to provide you with the best suitable strategy.

IoT Solution Development

We build IoT solutions for businesses as per their requirements. Our specialized IoT Solution development team works with startups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs understand their needs and ensure that they are provided with the best customizable solutions leveraging IoT and other technologies. We can help you build IoT solutions encompassing an entire area of operations or a process specific solution as per your business need.

IoT Solution Development
IoT Product Development

IoT product development

IoT product development is one of the key offerings of our company. With an experienced engineering team with deep domain expertise over various new-age technologies, we can help you create smart and futuristic IoT products. From smart consumer products like wearables, smart home products etc., to enterprise-level IoT products for predictive maintenance, supply chain etc., our team will help you build IoT products that drive innovation and growth.

IoT Application development

Industries like retail, healthcare, banking & insurance, manufacturing, etc are focussing on IoT to boost productivity, reduce operational costs and drive growth. SoulPage helps you build IoT applications to address organization and industry-specific challenges. Our IoT application development team leverage new technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile, and cloud, etc ., to help you build smart IoT apps.

IoT App Developments
IoT System Integration

IoT System Integration

IoT has opened boundless possibilities of real-world applications as billions of devices are expected to be connected in the near future. IoT allows you to do more with your existing systems by connecting various systems to build an integrated ecosystem. At SoulPage, we integrate IoT technologies with various systems like mobile apps, voice-enabled technology, wearable devices as well as with enterprise-level system like ERP, Supply Chain etc., to help enterprises build powerfully unified ecosystems.

IoT Support & Maintenance

Our IoT support services are targeted towards companies who have deployed IoT products or solutions and need experts to upgrade, manage and maintain it. We offer support to ensure your infrastructure continues to perform in optimal ways even after multiple iterations of change. We ensure continuous functioning of your IoT solution with our end-to-end IoT Maintenance and Support. Regular security audits and bug fixes ensure your IoT system is up and running all the time.

IoT Support Maintenance

IoT in Enterprises


  • Remote Asset Management
  • Mobile Health Solutions
  • Wearable Solutions
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote patient care


  • Supply chain management
  • Digital Signage solutions
  • Automated Checkout solutions
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • POS and Billing Solutions


  • Remote Asset Management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Inventory Management solutions
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Workforce Safety & Training


  • IoT enabled ATMs
  • Vehicle Telematics
  • Billing & Payments
  • Wearable Banking
  • Risk Management Solutions


  • An expert with complete authority on all popular IoT platforms, device integration and data science.
  • Experience developing 10+ data-driven products & solutions for startups and enterprises.
  • Created over $5+ million in value for clients.
  • Complete adherence to industry regulations like HIPAA, Data Protection 2018 etc. 

Our Clients

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