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Smart EV Solutions With Next-Gen Technology

A Disruptive Cloud Platform For Every EV Stakeholder in EV Ecosystem


EVNet - An AI-Driven Flexible Approach for EV Integration

EVNet is an AI-powered secured and robust architecture that enables utilities, smart cities, workplaces, and businesses in simplifying the management, monitoring, and analysis of their smart EV charging stations by harnessing the data with machine learning & advanced analytics. EVNet is an advanced analytics platform that provides insights into the entire landscape of EV charging stations by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Data Science, and Big Data technologies to enhance the entire EV experience.

optimal planning for charging stations

Strategic and Optimal Planning for Charging Stations

EV management

Developing Intelligent Energy Management Algorithms.

solve EV efficiency issues

Strategic Insights to Solve Energy Efficiency Issues

transforming into green cities

Transforming Sustainable Cities into Green Smart Cities

Predictive Analytics for Ev's

Mitigate Risks Using Predictive Analytics

maximize economic benefits

Maximize Economic Benefits

Power your Business with Data, Analytics, and EVNet

EVNet is a cloud platform that offers end-to-end EV charging solutions to automotive businesses and charge point operators to simplify the life of ecosystem partners and EV drivers.

EVNet power & load

Power & load management

Record the power and load delivered, predict the same for a forecasting period, and extract insights on demand-supply logistics.

EVNet predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance and analytics

Predictive insights on asset maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime or failures, the extent of usage, capacity, geography, etc

EVNet fleet management

Fleet management

Obtain insights on the fleet of EV charging stations including occupancy, status, charging time, etc, and optimize the locations and other metrics.

EVNet analytics

Consumption analytics

Monitor energy consumption metrics to allow for better consumption maintenance during the peak and surge times.

EVNet integration

Secured and easy integration

Complete cloud-based/on-premise solution for more security and easy integration with existing infrastructure.

Transforming & Scaling The EV Manufacturers

EV manufacturers need to leverage cutting-edge technologies to find new solutions and use cases to harness the ever-growing data as this data brings more value to their businesses, automates large-scale processes, and speeds up execution. EVNet helps the EV manufacturers by providing efficient, effective, scalable, and sustainable solutions like

  • Predictive analytics
  • Fault prediction and preventive maintenance
  • Demand forecasting and inventory management
  • Price optimization
  • AI models for Robotization
  • Product development
  • Computer vision applications
  • Managing supply chain risk


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