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Merchandizing Data Science & AI For Retail

Embedding Data Science & AI Exploiting Retail verticals

The E-book summarizes how escalating AI and data science can Systemize unstructured multi-data and help retailers in practicing optimized operations that scale business and reduce operational costs. The retail industry is constantly growing, and retailers today incorporate technology at the core of their business to eliminate crucial challenges and gain a competitive advantage in their market sphere.

Here we discussed a few case studies that showcase how retail giants like Coca-Cola, Dominos, Amazon, H & M store, and more. And detailed explanation on steps to success, that you can incorporate on the go.

Key takeaways from this eBook

  • Forecasting market demand & personalized product recommendations.
  • Advanced cross-selling and up-selling techniques.
  • Optimizes decisions across a supply chain.
  • Price optimization model.
  • Adding value to traditional inventory management systems.
  • Forecasting Product life cycle and monetizing products accordingly.
  • Automated delivery management decisions to reduce operational costs.
  • Internal & external customer behavior analysis.
merchandising data science in retail

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    Enterprise Companies
    Enterprise Companies

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