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Descriptive Analysis on Solar Irradiance

Descriptive Analysis on Solar Irradiance

The design, control, and operation of solar energy systems require a long-term series of meteorological data such as solar radiation, temperature, or wind data. Such data are often non-existent for most of the locations or, they suffer from shortcomings like poor quality of data, insufficient long series, etc. Hence, advanced and sophisticated Analytics can be leveraged to enable renewable energy companies with deeper insights for better management of solar energy.

This use case will help governments, industrialists, stakeholders, and businessmen in providing insights on the trends to utilize the natural and sustainable solar energy source.

Descriptive analysis on solar irradiance


We tried to analyze solar irradiance across a few major cities in India and inform stakeholders on the trends that will enable them to utilize this natural energy source for the betterment of the environment and of the country.


We built a dashboard that helps users analyze the trends of solar irradiance in various cities across the seasons.


We use Data Analytics to create the dashboard.


With the help of insights gained from the dashboard, we can analyze the trends of solar irradiance across the year in certain cities which helps potential industrialists, businesses, and enterprises to identify opportunities.

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