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Data Science in Retail

Empowering Retailers with Data-Driven Retail Solutions

Building Personalized & Automated Retail Solutions

Retailers are investing in technologies like Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, data analytics, etc, to gain a competitive edge in the market by successfully spotting opportunities, swiftly assess ideas and test-run them, and learn from these experiences.

With innovative marketing strategies combined with the latest technology, retailers are able to add value to their businesses by providing higher levels of customer satisfaction. And its where SoulPage comes in. With us you experience the power of next-gen technologies and leverage the full potential of it to maximize your ROI.

Real time pricing

We leverage AI & Machine Learning technologies to adjust the real-time pricing, coupons, rewards, etc to help convert ambivalent shoppers to prospective customers.

Product targeting

Our Machine Learning models & Recommendation Engines provide online customers with personalized product recommendations in real-time.


With our deep expertise in Natural Language Processing, we build Chatbots that effectively help customers in their purchase journey.

Sizing & styling

Our AI-powered retail solutions help retailers integrate improved product sizing and styling.

Marketing & Analytics

We leverage Data Science and AI to combine digital and physical store analytics and draw insights from various connected devices like beacons,IoT based sensors, and Intelligent communication tools.

Predictive Merchandising

Our AI predicts demand in different geographies to avoid waste and prevent inventory from going out-of-stock. We help brands to know how their products are stocked and promoted in real-time.


Marketing Anaytics

Our use case accurately predicts the buyers who are most likely to use coupons in their purchase journey by leveraging Machine Learning and other Data Science technologies.

Improving Customer Conversions With Data-Driven Insights

We help physical and online retailers in leveraging deep data science technologies for processes, products, customers, and employees.

Gain deep actionable insights on the industry

Achieve a competitive edge with the retail data

Forecast trends and design strategies accordingly

Establish a 360-degree view of the customer

Run hyper-personalized marketing campaigns

Drive revenue with Upsell/cross-sell

Actionable & Accurate Insights On The Retail Landscape

We provide information and insights on


Store Transformation

  • Digital Signages
  • Interactive Digital Displays
  • Sales Platform
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Customer Experience Management
  • In-store Personalization

Retail IOT

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Store Monitoring
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Cross-Industry Synergy

Omnichannel Strategies

    • Personalization
    • Customer Feedback Management
    • Ecommerce
    • Omnichannel
    • Seamless Purchasing Experience


  • Micro-Segmentation of Customer
  • Campaign and Marketing Analytics
  • Dynamic Pricing Enablement
  • Social Analytics

We provide information and insights on


Behavioral Analytics

We aim at improving our clients’ revenue generation capabilities by improving their customer conversion rates, predicting customer churn, decreasing customer acquisition costs, and providing effective marketing campaigns.


Fraud Detection

Our data-driven retail solutions prevent fraud, grow margins, and shrink the retail shrink to our clients. Transaction analysis, fraudulent merchandise returns, warehouse movements, etc are some data that our systems use to identify frauds.


Inventory Management

Our AI-driven solutions transform the retail industry by increasing full-price sell-throughs, reducing out-of-stocks, decreasing markdowns, align inventory to the demand predictions, and drive ROI by improvising the existing solutions.


Personalized Recommendations

Our Machine Learning recommendation models deliver rich customer experience across various touch-points to enhance sales and brand loyalty. We analyze data from various external and internal sources to integrate customer-specific recommendations.


Supply Chain Planning

We help retailers build seamless supply chain operations through vendor collaborations, inventory planning, and integrated merchandising across channels. We enhance our clients’ performances with our right and efficient solutions.

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Our Data Science Technology Stack

Big Data Analytics

Harness the power of the data to unlock hidden opportunities and get desired business benefits with our Data Analytics solutions

Text Analytics

Useful actionable insights derived from our Text Analytics Services provide valuable information about business opportunities and risks.

Computer Vision

Our Computer Vision solutions leverage advanced AI and optimize business processes by extracting data from images and videos.

Machine Learning

Solve complex business problems with our Machine Learning solutions that leverage new-age data processing frameworks best suited for businesses.

Recommendation Engine

Our AI-powered Recommendation Engines are algorithmically accurate, provide better actionable insights and higher ROIs.

Digital Transformation

Redefining businesses by delivering seamless and disruptive digital experiences with our Digital Transformation consulting and services.

Predictive Analytics

Our state-of-the-art Predictive Analytics models provide deep insights, identify trends, and help derive strategic decisions.

Reinforcement Learning

Our goal-oriented Reinforcement Learning algorithms learn how to attain a complex goal and help in the process of sequential decision making.

Internet of Things

We leverage IoT and other supportive technologies to build build smart IoT products and solutions.

Why Choose SoulPage As Your Data Science Partner?

EVNet power & load

Complete Suite of Services

From strategy consulting to development, our wide range of services will help you at every expand your data capabilities.

EVNet predictive maintenance

Creative Engineering

We understand data science technologies and we know how to creatively leverage it to build customized and innovative products & solutions.

EVNet fleet management

Complete Regulatory Compliance

We ensure proper and complete compliance with the country, state, and industry-specific regulations.


Enterprise Companies
Enterprise Companies

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