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Data Science in Manufacturing

Empowering Industry 4.0 with Next-Gen Data Science Solutions

Intuitive Insights, Optimize Productivity, Maximize Profitability

The Manufacturing industry, that generates about one-third of the data, is sitting on a vast pool of data. The adoption of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence technologies is an exciting and innovative step forward as it enables the industry to think beyond productivity – saving costs, optimizing operational processes, and reducing risks to driving innovation and building digital industries.

SoulPage provides comprehensive solutions that address enterprise-wide intelligence and analytics needs of manufacturing. We help our clients in delivering high quality and reliable products and maintaining an optimized cost-performance balance.

Our integrated and market research-driven solutions collect, analyze, and extract incisive insights on customer experiences, service performance issues, warranties, supply chain management, etc.

Our Data Science in Manufacturing Solutions

We help our clients by empowering them with advanced data capabilities. We provide extensive solutions that enable manufacturers and asset-intensive industries to leverage data from all areas of the manufacturing value chain and derive the insights needed for process reengineering, value creation, and value delivery. Some key areas covered by our solutions include:

EVNet power & load

Operations Management

  • Delivery Commitments
  • Plant Performance &
  • Maintenance
EVNet predictive maintenance

Warehouse Management

  • Warehouse Occupancy
  • Inbound & Outbound Analysis
EVNet fleet management

Human Resources Management

  • Workforce Analysis
  • Recruitments & Performance Analysis
EVNet power & load

Supply Chain Management

  • Inventory Management
  • Vendor & Supplier Performance
EVNet predictive maintenance

Production Management

  • Production Quality
  • Statistical Process Control (SPO) Analysis
EVNet fleet management

Financial Management

  • Costs per Unit & Net Operating Profit
  • Interest, Tax, Depreciation & Amortization Analysis

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Unleashing Productivity

Our extensive breadth and depth of functional coverage will help the manufacturers to reap in benefits like:

Data-driven insights

Reduction in inventory costs

Reduced equipment downtime

Improved quality of product

Improved reliability

Reduction in warranty costs

Enhanced user experience

Scalable & future-proof solutions

Data Science in Manufacturing Use Cases

Grid ManaPredictive analytics & preventive maintenancegement

Predictive analytics provides opportunities for manufacturers by finding the best possible ways to solve, overcome, or prevent problematic issues from occurring. We develop simple and risk-free solutions that predict fault and downtime of the equipment, also providing useful insights that help in preventing waste in overproduction, logistics, inventory, etc.

Optimization of price

With highly competitive markets and changing customer needs, it becomes imperative to optimize pricing in a continuous process. We build tools that effectively optimize the price by aggregating and analyzing the pricing and cost data from the internal sources and of the competitors.

Demand forecasting

Demand forecasting is a complex process involving an analysis of massive data. By taking into account various factors like economy, markets, availability of raw materials, etc, we provide a more complex view of the manufacturing performance and help in better inventory control, optimizing supply chains, avoiding over-ordering inventory and over-producing goods.

IoT Analytics

According to IDC, by 2025 there will be 80 billion connected devices that will generate 180 trillion gigabytes of data that year. This data needs to be analyzed to change the business processes. Our solutions analyze the data generated from various connected devices and help in optimizing the fleet, automating the work orders, and optimizing the inventory to maintain strong product roadmap.

Robotics & Automation

A big push for Robotics & automation involves big investment. AI-powered Robots help in satisfying the ever-increasing demands. With a team of highly experienced data scientists, Soulpage helps manufacturers chart the path and ensure that their investments will provide significant productivity gains and they confidently implement Industry 4.0 technologies.

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Our Data Science Technology Stack

Big Data Analytics

Harness the power of the data to unlock hidden opportunities and get desired business benefits with our Data Analytics solutions

Text Analytics

Useful actionable insights derived from our Text Analytics Services provide valuable information about business opportunities and risks.

Computer Vision

Our Computer Vision solutions leverage advanced AI and optimize business processes by extracting data from images and videos.

Machine Learning

Solve complex business problems with our Machine Learning solutions that leverage new-age data processing frameworks best suited for businesses.

Recommendation Engine

Our AI-powered Recommendation Engines are algorithmically accurate, provide better actionable insights and higher ROIs.

Digital Transformation

Redefining businesses by delivering seamless and disruptive digital experiences with our Digital Transformation consulting and services.

Predictive Analytics

Our state-of-the-art Predictive Analytics models provide deep insights, identify trends, and help derive strategic decisions.

Reinforcement Learning

Our goal-oriented Reinforcement Learning algorithms learn how to attain a complex goal and help in the process of sequential decision making.

Internet of Things

We leverage IoT and other supportive technologies to build build smart IoT products and solutions.

Why Choose SoulPage As Your Data Science Partner?

Complete Suite of Services

From strategy consulting to development, our wide range of services will help you at every expand your data capabilities.

Creative Engineering

We understand data science technologies and we know how to creatively leverage it to build customized and innovative products & solutions.

Complete Regulatory Compliance

We ensure proper and complete compliance with the country, state, and industry-specific regulations.


Enterprise Companies
Enterprise Companies

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