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Location-based exploratory application for user communication and assistance.

"We got our application delivered on time. SoulPage helped us in building the most engaging mobile application. We are quite happy with the work. I see a great future for this company. Keep making happy clients."

Krishan Kayala, Co-founder & CTO


Our client is an Indian-based startup working towards developing a mobile application to suit the needs of the customer’s digital journey. They came up with a unique concept to assist visitors, (especially travelers and tourists), and locals in guiding and exploring native places across certain geography. The concept aims to bring along the locals across different communities on a common digital platform to share their opinions, references, and guidance to the best to visit commodities within their range.


The task of making “exploring” fun is challenging. With millions of locations in communities and businesses under thousands of categories mapped with their geographical locations, providing rankings, and reviews from other sources to offer complete information to the users and offering personalized services is a herculean task.


We at SoulPage took up this challenge to build a robust mobile application that allows its users to check in to multiple locations and explore nearby commodities based on comments/feedback/ratings given by other users who have already been there. The location-based exploratory smart search tool is integrated with AI and Machine Learning technologies to offer personalized recommendations and updates based on users’ history for effective usage.

  • Available for both IOS and Android
  • Personalized recommendations and updates
  • Real-time Location mapping and step-by-step navigation services
  • Smart information filters
  • Supports multi-lingual

Tools & Technologies

React Native, Python, Django, Python, Django, Postgres, Machine Learning algorithm


  • Improved user experiences
  • Prompt and precise services
  • Real-time execution

Product: Libero

Client: Meity, Govt. of India

Location: New Delhi, India

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